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Community Navigation

Community Navigator's - Karen Ann Hagar-Smith or Mark Hymbaugh 207-403-4116 or call 832-5369 ext. 308

The mission of the Waldoboro Community Navigation Program is to help Waldoboro families and individuals meet their essential needs by providing resources that can enable our residents to achieve their goals and aspirations.  

Are you experiencing food insecurity?  Do you need help with heating assistance?  Are you dealing with substance abuse?  If you are in need please reach out to our Community Navigator, Karen Ann.

The Community Navigator will connect residents with community partners to promote health and prosperity in order to  help our residents reach their potential. Part of the Community Navigator’s contributions will be referrals for ​food assistance, healthy living including substance use and chemical dependency, career counseling and training, charitable health insurance and health marketplace assistance, housing counseling and foreclosure prevention, and volunteer service opportunities. 

The Town of Waldoboro needs to build stronger relationships with our residents who come to the Town for assistance, which will be accomplished by doing an individualized assessment of their needs. We will access community resources to establish a stronger foundation that will empower our clients to support themselves and their families.

We will be relying on community partnerships to improve the lives of our neighbors in need. These partnerships include Lincoln Health, the Central Lincoln YMCA and other community and Maine based non-profits with resources to help our residents.  Life challenges can happen to all of us, such as job loss, separation of households, and medical issues.  For some people, the financial impact of these events can hinder their ability to provide even basic care for themselves and their families. The Community Navigator provides essential services and resources to help stabilize a person’s situation during difficult times by providing basic needs for the short-term while also providing guidance to achieve long-term solutions which leads to happier and healthier lives.

This program is being conducted in conjunction with the Central Lincoln County YMCA, and is wholly supported by donations and is not supported by tax payer funding.