Commercial Permit Information

A Building Permit is Needed for the Following Commercial Activities:
  • New construction of 100 square feet or greater
  • Any change to another use (this may also require Planning Board approval)
Other Permits That may Be Necessary for Commercial Activities
  • Planning Board and/or Board of Appeals
  • DEP permit if the project is near water, wetlands, etc.
  • State Fire Marshal plans review & approval of handicap accessibility and NFPA 
  • Floodplain permit if the building is close to water
  • Trade permits (i.e. entrance, plumbing, electrical, septic, etc.)
Who Needs to Design the Commercial Building or Renovations
  • A design professional (Architect or Engineer) is required by Town Ordinance and State Law to design any new construction or renovation work that affects fire safety elements, or change of use
Costs Associated with Plan Review
  • Site Plan / Subdivision Fees
  • In some cases, review of plans will be contracted out to a third party and the costs will be paid by the Owner / Developer