Required Inspections

** After a second failed inspection a $100 reinspection fee must be paid prior to any reinspection**

Accessory Buildings
(unattached garage, Shed, Storage buildings ext.)
  • Finish inspection
Building Inspection (Res. & Commercial occupancies)
  • Footing and Foundation - Before pouring concrete 
  • Framing - before Insulation
  • Insulation 
  • Mechanical
  • Certificate of Occupancy - must be completed before it can be occupied
Driveway Entrance (ME DOT or Waldoboro check with Code Officer to determine whos permit is needed)
  • If a DOT entrance permit is issued it must be file with the Town of Waldoboro
  • If Waldoboro road an inspection is required to comply with site distances and drainage mit
Heat Pumps
  • Drain Installation and finish installation
Mobile & Modular Homes (built off site)
  • Slab or footings and foundation - before pouring concrete
  • Tie down
  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Rough in - PSI/Water test
  • Finish
Subsurface Wastewater System
  • Septic bed prep and elevation
  • Septic Tank base prep & elevation
  • Bed Installation - Piping, D-box & Filter fabric
  • Tank access cover to grade
  • Finish grading loam & seed
  • Finish structural installation
Shoreland Zone 
  • Pre and post work inspection and photos (photo documentation is a State requirement)
Swimming pool
  • Finished Installation