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Route 1 Corridor Management Plan

Several years ago, the Department of Transportation and the Lincoln County Commissioners identified Route 1 as one of three Corridors of Regional Economic Significance in the county. Over the past year, a joint committee appointed by the Boards of Selectmen of Edgecomb, Newcastle, Damariscotta, Nobleboro and Waldoboro developed a plan for future improvements to that portion of the Route 1 corridor within the communities. The plan covers the roadway corridor, which includes Route 1, Route 1B, Center Street and Main Street (Waldoboro), intersections, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, safety, aesthetic and rail improvements and, potentially, seasonal bus service.

As part of the project, the committee assembled a wide range of traffic and environmental data, including traffic volumes, accident statistics, existing local regulations, demographics, land use, economic development and housing data and information on natural and scenic resources. The committee also reviewed existing road and rail conditions, identified locations where new or improved facilities are or may be necessary and developed an overall set of recommendations to guide the future of the Route 1 corridor.

The draft plan is available for viewing by the public by CLICKING HERE.

The plan will be discussed at the Selectmen’s meeting on April 8th, 2014. The purpose of the meeting is to gather comments and recommendations from the Selectmen and the public. Pending any changes to the plan, the Board of Selectmen will be asked to endorse the plan and forward it to the Department of Transportation where it will serve as a guide for the Department when it plans future work in the Route 1 corridor.