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Heavy Loads and Road Postings

It’s that time of the year, as of today February 27, 2024 our local roads are now posted! Please be mindful of these postings! We annually post roads to protect them from heavy truck (23,000 GVW) traffic during early spring conditions when the roadbed first begins to thaw out and the base remains saturated with water and unable to support the wheel loads. Prohibiting heavy loads is required to prevent significant damage to the road pavement. Trucks that exceed 23,000 GVW are not allowed to travel along these posted roads until the posting period has ended. 
Back Cove Rd
Bowden Rd
Burket Mill Rd
Burnham Rd
Castner Rd
Chapel Rd
Clary Hill Rd
Cross St
Deaver St
Depot St
Duck Puddle Rd
Dutch Neck Rd
Elm St
Feyler Corner Rd
Finntown Rd
Flanders Corner Rd
Geele Lane
Genthner Rd
Glidden St
Goshen Rd
Gross Neck Rd
Heyer Rd
Hoak Rd
Jackson Rd
Koskela Rd
Ledges Circle
Luce Rd
Marble Avenue
Marine Park
Mayo Rd
Medomak Terrace
Medomak Valley Estates
Mill St
Miller Rd
Nash Rd
North Nobleboro Rd
Noyes Rd
Old Augusta Rd
Old County Rd
Old Rt 1
Orff's Corner Rd
Pine St
Pitcher Rd
Pleasant St
Ralph Wink Rd
Reef Rd
Robinson Rd
School St
Shady Avenue
Simon Rd
Spruce Rd
State Rd
Storer Mountain Rd
Wagner Bridge Rd
Winston Rd