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Hunting / Fishing Licenses

You can obtain your licenes online at

We sell licenses to any Maine resident or non-resident. Residents must meet all these requirements to be eligible to purchase a resident hunting or fishing license: babyjames

  • Must be domiciled in Maine continuously for three months prior to applying for the license;                   
  • must be in compliance with Maine Income Tax Laws;
  • if licensed to drive, must have made application to or possess a Maine Drivers License
  • all motor vehicles owned by applicant and located in Maine must be registered in Maine
  • and if registered to vote, applicant must be registered to vote in a Maine town
Applicant must comply with all the rules mandated by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
New and renewals: You must bring evidence of a previous hunting (or archery) license ORbring proof of completion of a Maine Hunter Safety Course.
Purchasing for others: You may purchase licenses here for others if the above requirements are met
Complimentary over 70 licenses: The State offers complimentary licenses to residents who are over 70 years old. You may be issued a complimentary license any time within the year you turn 70, you do not have to wait for your birthday. These licenses include hunting, archery, and fishing, and have no expiration date.