Issuance of Marriage Licenses


Before the wedding:
  • Where you get your license?
  1. If you both reside in Maine and live in the same town from the town clerk of the town you reside in.
  2. If you both reside in Maine but live in different towns from the town clerk of either town.
  3. If one of you reside in Maine but the other does not from the town clerk of the Maine resident.
  4. If neither of you are a Maine resident from any town clerk in the State of Maine.
  • Licenses are issued once you complete the marriage intentions and the license is prepared.  You can download the marriage intentions and send to
  •  You must present your current photo ID's with a physical description of yourselves (such as a driver's license). This must also be presented to the person who marries you.
  • A certified copy of a divorce decree or a death certificate is needed for those who have been previously married.
  • Cost for the license is $40.00.
  • License is valid for 90 days from the date issued.  The marriage must occur within that period or another license must be obtained.
  • 2 witnesses are needed to witness the marriage and sign the license.
  • There is no age requirement but they  must be able to understand the seriousness of a wedding.
After the wedding ceremony:
  • Signing of the license by the witnesses and officiant.
  • The person who marries you will then sign and return the license to the town clerk, where the license was obtained, within 7 days.
  • Certificate of marriage - A memento certificate may be given by the person who marries you, but the LEGAL certificate must be obtained from the town clerk where the license was obtained.
  • Cost of a certified copy is  $15.00, for the first copy and $6.00 for each additional copy.