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Planning Board

The Planning Board is responsible for reviewing and acting upon Site Plan and Subdivision Applications.

Applications are required for non-residential buildings (new or expansion), changes in use of existing buildings or structures, residential subdivisions, new commercial uses of land, and multi-unit housing (new, expansion of, or conversion to).

The intent of the Site Plan review is to insure that these projects conform to the Land Use Ordinance of the Town of Waldoboro and are designed for safety (including traffic flow and parking), proper environmental stewardship (including storm water runoff, noise, sewage disposal and groundwater quality), and are sensitive to neighbors by reducing the impact on adjacent properties (including the visual environment, lighting and signage).

The Town of Waldoboro wishes to encourage location-appropriate business development and expansion. We recommend anyone considering new, modified or expanded business in Waldoboro to contact the Town Office. The Director of Planning is available as a key resource to help you understand the requirements of the Land Use Ordinance and to guide you through the preparation of the Site Plan Application.

For Site Plan Review and Permit Applications CLICK HERE.

For a copy of the Waldoboro Land Use Ordinance CLICK HERE.