Meet the Select Board

abden     Select Board Member Abden S. Simmons 207-446-4518 
I am a life long resident of Waldoboro,   I have owned and operated A& A Shellfish on Jefferson Street along with my wife, April for the last 25 years.  I am a commercial fisherman by trade harvesting shellfish, bait fish, and elvers.  I am in my 6th year as a Select Board member and 16th year as a member of the Waldoboro Shellfish Committee.  I had the honor of serving you as your State Representative for one term.  I have a son, Dalton and a daughter in law Megan, we enjoy many outdoor adventures together.   We recently welcomed a new puppy Sophie into our family.  I am a tireless advocate for the preservation and sustainability of the Medomak River, both as a economic engine for our community and for the pure enjoyment of the river for recreation.

Colonel - Copy  Chair Jan Griesenbrock 207-542-3275
I was born in Moline, IL and moved to Maine in 2002.  I married Darlene Benner Emerson in 2003, and have three grown children, Brian, John, and Jana.  I have one step daughter, Katie and six grandchildren. In 2000 I finished my military career as the Recruiting and Retention Officer for the South Dakota Army National Guard with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  I have worked for the last five years in seasonal positions with the Lake Pemaquid Campground and Hannaford Brothers in Damariscotta and Waldoboro. I was elected to the Select Board in July of 2020.  I also serve on the Board of Directors for Lincoln County TV, and Executive Board of the American Legion, Waldoboro.  I am an avid photographer and enjoy taking day trips with my wife up and down the coast. We enjoy spoiling our Chihuahua, a rescue puppy, one of 18 from a puppy mill in Texas.

Jann - Copy     Vice Chair Joanne (Jann) Minzy 207-832-4774
I was born into a career military family and spent my youth moving from coast to coast, until finally settling in Brunswick as a teen.  I've lived in three corners of our country and many places in between, but no place as fine as Maine.
This is my 47th year living on the bend of the Medomak River where I raised four children. My sixteen grandchildren play in the same Lower Falls as their parents did.  Waldoboro has offered me many opportunities: years on the Waldoboro Public Library Board and the Central Maine Library District Council, Church committees, Medomak Arts Project, excellent services, and wonderful friends. Thanks to the citizens of Waldoboro, I am in my seventh year and third term on  our Select Board.  In my free time I teach school, docent at CMBG, work and ski at Saddleback, ballroom dance, and grow a productive garden.

bob - Copy     Select Board Member Robert L. Butler  207-837-1785
Born in Minneapolis, MN and raised in Hibbing, MN.  I spent a fair amount of time in the Middle East and North Africa in the Peace Corps (Afghanistan) and in other capacities in Lebanon, Iran, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.  My two children have flown the coop.   My son, Grant, is a Nurse Practitioner and lives in Cambridge MA.  My daughter, married, works for a company that designs and installs climate control systems in Tucson.  She has her own furniture refurbishment business, as well.  I've been privileged to serve on the Waldoboro Select Board, the Library Board of Trustees, and the Board of the Waldoboro Business Association.  I also work on Executive Committees of the Municipal Review Committee and the Maine Municipal Association (effective January 2021).  My wife, Sally, is very engaged with the Midcoast Conservancy and serves on its board.   She's also a budding and enthusiastic thrower of clay pots.

will - Copy     Select Board Member Will Pratt 207-242-0696

I was born and raised in Waldoboro.  My wife Rebekah and I have two beautiful daughters, Zoey and Juniper.   My public service roots run deep, my dad was a Waldoboro Police Officer and my grandfather, Francis Cross was the Vice-Principal of MVHS for many years. I currently work for the Public Works Department carrying on the tradition of public service. For many years I worked on the Medomak River as a clammer.  I enjoy tending our garden, serving on various Committees for the Town and enjoying the great outdoors with my family.