Medomak River Watershed Based Plan

The purpose of the project was to capitalize on the rich data collection history and the successful collaborative stakeholder working group, to produce a detailed, user-friendly Watershed-Based Plan.  The plan was to describe effective actions to eliminate NPS pollution to the Medomak River estuary to improve water quality, aquatic habitat, and help to sustain shellfish harvesting.  The plan was to provide a roadmap to eliminate fecal bacteria contamination.  The goal on a more global scale was to provide education and outreach by informing the public about the project and the overall health of the river and encourage good stewardship.

 The four major goals were:
• Building strong local support for the project by forming a technical advisory committee, hosting public meetings, and meeting with key landowners and other organizations; 
• Developing a comprehensive water quality database that stores all historical Medomak River data collected across state and local entities, in a user-friendly format for ease of updates;
• Conducting a comprehensive water quality analysis using all sources of available water quality data;
• Build on existing data through targeted sampling.