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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is an elected position in the Town of Waldoboro, 9 members of the public serve staggered (3) year terms.

The Budget Committee is responsible to review all Town Meeting articles which call for an appropriation or expenditure of money as proposed by municipal officers. They may concur with such estimates or in case of failure of concurrence may submit to the Town Meeting its own recommendation for expenditure. If the Budget Committee, by majority vote of members present, recommends a budget item amount that does not concur with the amount proposed by the Municipal Officers, then such line item shall be the subject of a reconciliation discussion between the Municipal Officers and Budget Committee.

The Budget Committee meets throughout the year to consider and advise the Town Manager and Select Board on financial matters, including but not limited to debt management, capital planning and other financial matters.

FY 2024 Budget Committee:
  • Valdemar Skov, 2025
  • Jann Minzy, 2026
  • Seth Blodgett, 2025
  • Brendon Crumb, 2026
  • John Berges, 2026
  • Ruben Mahar, 2025
  • Ben Vail, 2024
  • Scott Martin, 2026
  • William Maxwell, 2024
Budget Committee Policy