Economic Development Committee


Jan Visser, Chair
Jen Merritt, George Seaver, Reuben Mahar, Bob Butler, Jon Nicoli, Sonja Sleeper, Patty Fazio, and Ann Leamon.

Mission Statement:

The Economic Development Committee of the Town of Waldoboro is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all of its residents by attracting, expanding, and retaining diverse business and job opportunities, while sustaining and promoting the town’s rural character, its commercial downtown and historic village, and its natural resources.

Vision Statement:

Waldoboro is the center of Midcoast Maine, an attractive rural community with abundant natural resources, an historical downtown, and modern infrastructure, which attracts and is home to young families and retirees, innovative and resourceful businesses, vibrantly creative artists and musicians, and a wide variety of hard-working and talented people. Waldoboro’s quality of life and natural, human, and economic assets attract diverse, small to medium-size businesses that create living wage jobs for Waldoboro and area residents. Our residents, businesses, and employees appreciate the benefits of living and working in a beautiful, safe, and connected community.

Tax Increment Financing District:
A Tax Increment Financing District (TIF) takes the new value from 2% of selected Waldoboro properties and places it in a designated fund that is geared specifically towards economic development projects. These funds are sheltered from the Town's valuation for county taxes, education subsidies, and revenue sharing.
The Waldoboro First TIF District was approved by the Town in June 2019, and was authorized by the State of Maine in March 2020.
You can view a copy of the TIF by clicking here.

Collaboration with University of Maine in Orono College of Engineers:

Waldoboro Downtown Revitalization Master Plan
Finalized on November 3, 2011, this plan lays out multiple projects that were envisioned to help revitalize Waldoboro's Village. Unfortunately, the plans were unable to be followed through due to various circumstances.
However, the EDC is re-examining the document and open to receiving input for updates to the document.
Click here to view the Master Plan.