Origins Committee

The purpose of the Waldoboro Origins Committee shall be to promote research into the history of the Town of Waldoboro, form a deeper understanding of its ongoing effect in the present—from pride of place to planning and development—and further cultivate the Town’s historical identity as it is lived and experienced by current residents. History includes processes of human settlement, use of natural resources, and community formation. The Committee shall provide historical information and context to inform Town planning, development, and branding. The Committee shall also promote education and preservation efforts relating to the historical identity of the Town. 
The committee shall maintain a partnership with the Waldoborough Historical Society to enhance coordination and support for their missions.
Membership in the Committee shall be open to all Waldoboro residents. The Committee may especially appeal to those who have an interest in archaeology, history, and the preservation of archaeological and historical resources. The committee would benefit from representatives from the Waldoborough Historical Society, Old Broad Bay Family History Association, Midcoast Conservancy, Maine Historic Preservation Commission (state organization), Maine Preservation (nonprofit organization), and area tribal organizations. Non-residents may assist the committee.