Waldoboro Budget Committee & Select Board Approve Budget for Warrant!

The FY2022 was approved by the Budget Committee and Select Board on April 15th.  The FY2022 budget represents a significant step toward returning to a "pre-COVID" budget and works to restore staffing levels and our capital programming.  The Police and Public Works staff was funding was restored to provide for a full complement of positions.  The Town Office staff was restored to 36 hours per week, although still short of their previous 40 hours this schedule will provide for one late night until 7:00 pm each week, for those residents who cannot make it in during 9am-5pm hours.  The Emergency Medical Services was also funded to provide for more personnel in order to ensure that more transfers can be run in order to reduce the cost of the 24/7 service to the residents of Waldoboro.  This budget also meets all union contracted salary requirements and provides increases to those non union employees who did not receive an increase in the FY2021 budget.  Please realize that all increases for non union employees are subject to employee performance evaluations and although budgeted may not be awarded.  The FY2022 budget comes in $40,000 under LD1 and reflects a slight decrease in projected taxes.