Property Revaluation & Tax Bills

The tax bills for the Town of Waldoboro were mailed this week, the due date will be extended to November 30, 2022.  If you have questions or concerns about your property valuation you should contact our Assessor’s Agent, Darryl McKenney at the Town Office or by calling 832-5369 ext. 2.   

What can you do to reduce your tax bill, or make it more manageable?

All taxpayers can participate in the Tax Club that will split your bill into 9 monthly payments if you set up participation with our Tax Collector during October, or 8 monthly payments if you set up participation during November.  Call 832-5369 ext. 1 for Tax Club information.

Please review your valuation with our Assessor’s Agent, remember the last revaluation was in 2008, your new valuation may include improvements you may have made to your home since that date.

There are many exemptions that may be available to you.  Please follow this link which explains what exemptions are available.,receive%20an%20exemption%20of%20%2425%2C000.

There are also Tax Relief Programs available, please follow this link which explains the relief programs available

You can appeal your valuation through the process of Abatement. Abatement is the process by which valuations that are found to be excessive, or in error may be corrected. The statutes provide that a property owner who believes their property valuation is excessive must seek relief through a written request to the Board of Assessors, made within 185 days of the date the tax was committed to the Tax Collector (which is usually shortly before the tax bill is mailed) stating the abatement requested, and the reasons for requesting the abatement.

If the taxpayer is dissatisfied with the decision of the Board of Assessors, they may appeal within 60 days to the Lincoln County Commissioners; further appeal may be made to the Superior Court within 30 days.

Valuations are only part of the equation for determining what your tax bill will be.  The revaluation process is revenue neutral. Municipalities do not gain additional tax revenue by increasing the town-wide value of real property. The Town will only assess the taxes necessary to meet annual approved budget expenditures. The tax bill you receive covers the Town of Waldoboro, the RSU 40 School District and Lincoln County apportionments according to the following percentages:

This budget year each of these entities saw an increase in their budgets. The RSU 40 budget increased 8.2%, Lincoln County budget 8.97% and the Town of Waldoboro increase was 11.43%.  The Town of Waldoboro budget saw the largest increases in the Emergency Services and Public Works departments, this was due in large part to increased wages for key safety positions.  It has become increasingly difficult to recruit and retain Police Officers, EMT’s,  Paramedics, skilled Equipment Operators and qualified CDL drivers. The Select Board and the Budget Committee worked diligently to address these issues during the budget process, and with great thought and planning submitted a budget to the voters in June which included the 11.43% increase which was approved by the voters.
If you have questions, do not hesitate to call the Town Office at 832-5369.