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General Assistance

The Waldoboro General Assistance Program provides short-term assistance for basic needs of eligible applicants, who cannot provide for themselves and their families. General Assistance provides "a specific amount and type of aid for defined needs during a limited period of time and is not intended to be a continuing 'grant-in-aid' or 'categorical' welfare program"(§4301(5)). To view the current General Assistance Ordinance click here

Whoever knowingly and willfully makes any false representation of a material fact to the overseer of any municipality, or to the department or it's agents for the purpose of causing that or any other person to be granted assistance by the municipality or by the State is ineligible for assistance for a period of 120 days and is guilty of a Class E crime, which carries a penalty of up to $1,000 fine and one year in jail. (22 M.S.R.A §4315)

General Assistance has developed into a program to try to make recipients more accountable, and encourages self-reliance. A person applying for this assistance is required to utilize all available resources (i.e. TANF, food stamps, Medicaid, fuel assistance, subsidized daycare, etc.). With overall maximum levels of assistance being quite low, it is critical to network with local and area resources to access all available assistance.

Residents of the Town who are having difficulty meeting basic needs such as housing, utilities (electricity and heating fuel), and food may apply for assistance at the Town Office Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm or Tuesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, or click here for a General Assistance application.  If this is an emergency, and the office is closed, please contact the Waldoboro Police Department at 832-4500.  The Town must issue a written decision regarding eligibility to all applicants within 24 hours of receiving an application.

Additionally, financial assistance is awarded annually for help with housing, funerals, and other expenses. This money is generated through the Philbrook Trust Fund held by the Town. Applications for this fund are available through the Town Office, and residents are eligible based on need. Click here for a Philbrook Trust Fund application.

The Department of Human Services has a toll free telephone number to call with questions regarding General Assistance - 1-800-442-6003.

This program is funded by local property taxes, along with a 50% reimbursement from the State.